Insurance & Financing

Generally, most people have a misconception about the insurance claim process. They believe that because they have been paying their annual premiums then the agent will have their best interest in mind. The reality is that the insurance adjuster that comes to your home works strictly for your insurance company. At Greystone Roofing, we are here to represent you in an insurance claim. If damage has occurred, Greystone Roofing is here to help you gain as full and fair of a settlement as possible. We are committed to working closely with the homeowner and insurance company in order to ensure a stress-free claim process, resulting in a fully restored and functioning roof.

Insurance Claim Process:

  • Locate your homeowners policy and be sure to keep it handy.
  • Contact Greystone Roofing to perform a free pre-claim inspection of your home. We use the same criteria as insurance adjusters to determine the extent of damage incurred and to determine if indeed there is a claim as we are licensed insurance adjusters.
  • Contact your insurance company to file the natural disaster claim, which does not count against you for future rate increases.
  • Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to make an inspection of your roof and confirm damage severity. Request a firm date and time of your inspection when contacted by your insurance adjuster.
  • Once you have received the inspection date, time and claim #, contact your Greystone Roofing sales representative, as they will then meet with the insurance adjuster to discuss the amount of damage as an advocate on your behalf.
  • The adjuster will then send you a written report outlining the damages and specifications for the contractor to follow with pre-determined prices estimated for each item. You will also receive your Actual Cash Value check, which is the value of your roof at the present time. Upon completion, a second check will be issued, which is your recoverable depreciation.
    • If there is a mortgage on the home, then the mortgage company’s name will most likely be on the check, along with yours, as they have a vested interest in the value of your home. You will need to contact your mortgage company to complete any forms they may require and also to get the check endorsed by them.
  • Upon immediate receipt of your summary, contact your Greystone Roofing representative and we will then review the summary with you, prepare a scope of work, and negotiate the price of repairs. We match our contract to the work specified in the insurance adjusters summary report, including supplemental 3rd party reports that may need to be added  if the insurance adjuster left something out of his report.
  • Once the scope of work has been completed based off the settlement, we will send a final invoice to your insurance company requesting release of recoverable depreciation which was withheld.

List of Commonly Used Insurance Companies

(Most clients have found it easier to file online which is why we have compiled this list for your convenience). ASK FOR YOUR CLAIM #

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Provider Phone Number
Allstate 1-800-54-STORM
Farmers 1-800-435-7764
Germania 1-800-392-2202
The Hartford 1-800-243-5860
Liberty Mutual 1-800-2CLAIMS
MetLife 1-800-854-6011
Nationwide 1-800-421-3535
State Farm 1-800-SF-CLAIM
Travelers 1-800-CLAIM33

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please contact Greystone Roofing as soon as possible. We are here to assist you in every step along the way and want to answer any questions you may have.