Duro-Last – The “World’s Best Roof” since 1978

Duro-Last is a custom-prefabricated, reinforced, single-ply roofing system that is ideal for any commercial roofing application. The vinyl membrane is a thermoplastic formulation consisting of PVC resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame retardants and U.V. absorbents. A weft-insertion knitted scrim that is laminated between two layers of PVC film gives the membrane its strength and durability. The Duro-Last membrane is available in white, tan, gray or dark gray.

Backed by the industry’s best warranties, Duro-Last is the best long-term investment you
can make in your building.

Customers choose Duro-Last because it is:

  • The World’s Coolest Roof

    Prefabricated. Every Duro-Last roof is manufactured to exact size in a controlled factory environment. This eliminates up to 85% of rooftop installation seaming and ensures an excellent fit that delivers long-term, worry-free, leak-proof protection.

  • Durable. The Duro-Last roofing system is resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds and punctures, and easily accommodates wide temperature extremes.
  • Installed without disruption to building operations. Installation is quiet, fast, and safe, without loud machinery, hazardous materials, noxious fumes, hot tar, or mess. A new Duro-Last roofing system often can be installed over an existing roof without an expensive tear-off, virtually eliminating dust or falling debris that might interfere with building activities or damage sensitive equipment.
  • The highly-reflective white membrane delivers real energy cost savings for building owners and managers in virtually all climates. Duro-Last is proud to be a charter partner in the EPA ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program, a charter member of the Cool Roof Rating Council and a member of the US Green Building Council.
  • Backed by the industry’s best warranties. Duro-Last protects facilities with either a 15-year comprehensive warranty or a 20-year prorated warranty. It is transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water, and provides coverage against consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last material.

With a Duro-Last roof, you pay nothing for material or labor for warranted repairs or
replacement. And here’s the best part, the warranty is included at no additional charge.

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