Roofing Coatings are an essential addition to any roof. Not only do they add efficiency and durability to your roof, but they also add to the lifetime of your roof.  Roof coatings provide a highly reflective roof surface that restores, preserves, and protects existing roofing substrates.  Greystone Roofing provides several different types of coating installations.



* Coatings that can either be sprayed or rolled on depending on your needs
* Dry to seamless acrylic membranes
* Coatings for low sloped roofs
* Coatings for metal roofing systems
* Coatings for energy efficiency, which means energy savings


Coatings work well for repairs if you do not have money in the budget for a roof replacement.  They are also ideal for restoring rusted or damaged metal roofs, but can be applied to all types of roof systems.

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